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Mayor Ruilin Miao Visited PharmaBlock



On April 18, 2016, Mr. Ruilin Miao, Mayor of Nanjing visited PharmaBlock Sciences (Nanjing), Inc.

The mayor and his associates, including the heads of several major departments of Nanjing Municipal Government, were welcomed by PharmaBlock’s Chairman, Dr. Minmin Yang and CEO, Dr. Haijun Dong.

Dr. Yang presented to the distinguished visitors an overview of the company, its innovative business model and products, and future plan, “well recognized as a global leader in the Building Blocks business, PharmaBlock has acquired a majority share of Shandong Diai Biotechnology Company, a manufacturing facility, which has been audited by a number of major pharmas, and is now well poised to serve our customers in large scale production and manufacturing”. The mayor was very impressed, in particular, with the company’s solid growth in the last several consecutive years, and directed the delegate “to do all to improve the infrastructure and continue to support companies like PharmaBlock”.

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