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[Event]CMC-Expo China 2019



 PharmaBlock Sciences (Nanjing), Inc. will attend CMC-Expo China 2019 at Suzhou Industrial Park. Welcome to visit us!

 Meeting:CMC-Expo China 2019


 Location:Suzhou Industrial Park

 Booth: A43


Manufacturing Facilities and Capacity

Zhejiang Site

Production of GMP/non-GMP intermediates

1,436,000 sq ft

86 reactors from 300-6,300 L

Total reactor vol.: 180m?

Bromine tank system (5m?)

Gravity flow design

DCS system for process control

Shandong Site

Production of non-GMP intermediates

807,000 sq ft

30 reactors from 200-3,000 L

Total reactor vol.: 60m?

Reactifying system

C&EN Technologies

Flow chemistry




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