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Dr. Michael Jay Shapiro, Senior Consultant and Vice President of PharmaBlock, has been awarded member of "Nanjing Science &Technology Leading Expert Gathering Program"


Dr. Michael Jay Shapiro, Senior Consultant and Honorary Vice President of PharmaBlock, has been awarded member of "Nanjing Science &Technology Leading Expert Gathering Program".

This program aims to introduce and cultivate the most outstanding talents and team members equipped with international perspectives and strategic insights, whose research achievements count for much around the globe, in the hope of achieving success in occupying commanding point in the industry. 

Dr. Shapiro has more than 35 years of experience in the field of drug research and development. He used to work in R & D centers of first-class pharmaceutical enterprises, including Novartis, Eli Lilly and Pfizer, focusing on "fragment-based drug design" and has made extraordinary contributions to advancement of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technology. Dr. Shapiro is also recognized as one of the initiators of NMR methodology in drug screening who shed light on NMR in combinatorial chemistry.

Dr. Shapiro joined PharmaBlock as a senior consultant in 2016 and was awarded member of Foreign Expert Program of "The Thousand Talents Plan" sponsored by the CPC Central Committee’s Organization Department in 2017. During this period, he kept advising the team on precise design and screening of building blocks, which has led to a significant progress in the course of establishing fragment libraries. 

Since its inception, PharmaBlock has always opened its doors of opportunity to academic talents, with the aim of reserving high-quality technicians and administrative superiors for the sake of rapid development of company by "guiding, valuing and cultivating talents". Including Dr. Shapiro, PharmaBlock has in total 2 members of "The Thousand Talents Plan"; 4 members of "Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents" of Jiangsu Province, of whom three members have doctorate degree; 1 member of "Nanjing 321 Talent Training Program"; 1 member of "Nanjing Science & Technology Leading Expert Gathering Program"; 1 member of "Nanjing Zijin Talents Recruitment Program" and 2 members of "Jiangsu Provincial Six Talent Peak".   

In order to strengthen the international competitiveness of PharmaBlock and keep pace with the ever-lasting advancement of drug R & D community, the company has attracted and converged multiple international experts to join hands on such an innovative platform, providing cutting-edge technical support within drug development sector in recent years. This year, PharmaBlock was privileged with the honorary title of "Jiangsu Foreign Experts Workshop".

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