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【2018 CPhI Invitation】Follow the Molecule, From Discovery to Development to Commercial:The Rising of a Unique Businss Model 


PharmaBlock (www.pharmablock.com) will attend CPhI China 2018 to be held in Shanghai during June 20-22.Our booth number is E2D50.  

On the first day of the show, Dr. Haijun Dong will give a presentation to share a development history respresenting an innovative business mode, a road starting from research to development to commercialization in the past ten years.

Date:June 20th,2018(10:40-11:10 am)

Location: Hall W5 Meeting Room A

On June 20th, PharmaBlock will hold a 10th anniversary celebration reception at the company's booth.We look forward to meeting you at the show and welcome to attend our presentation at the CDMO seminar.

Date:June 20th,2018(14:00-15:00 am)

Location: Booth No. E2D50

Preview of PharmaBlock Events at CPhI

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Preview of CDMO Forum Speech

What topics will you share with us on 2018 CPhI CRO & CMO Forum?

Dr. Haijun Dong:
We will be presenting PharmaBlock’s unique business model and how it has helped and supported thousands of R&D projects of both large and small to medium-sized pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the past ten years.

PharmaBlock has a reputation for its capability of designing novel building blocks.  How does it happen?  Why do high quality building blocks have a big impact on drug discovery?

Dr. Haijun Dong:

The pharmaceutical industry has long been suffering from its poor R&D productivity. Candidate selection is still the most important decision in the entire R&D process. Of all the compounds that fail at different stages of clinical trials, approximately 70% are due to a lack of sufficient potency or unacceptable toxicity or side effects, which ultimately depends on the molecular structures of the candidate. One pragmatic way to improve compound quality is the ability to access a high quality, novel, and diverse collection of building blocks. This is precisely one of the areas where PharmaBlock excels and differentiates itself from other CDMOs and the like. We have a group of experienced medicinal chemists, who monitor the most current literature and patents, extract and analyse relevant information, and design novel products.  The large category of building blocks, with ever increasing number of novel structures, has been widely adopted by hundreds of drug R&D organizations around the world.

Based on your collaboration with pharmas/biotechs in drug development, what trends do you see and how are they impacting the CDMO sector?

Dr. Haijun Dong:

When molecules come into development, the major trend we see is that pharma/biotechs are relying more on CDMOs, due to the shrinking size of CMC function, especially in emerging biotechs. Additionally, as the complexities of molecules increase, and clinical trials with shorten timeline require CMC to be commercially ready early, CDMOs play a much larger role. Comparing to traditional CMO model, contract service providers now need to have an even wider scope of development capabilities. 

To respond to the trends, PharmaBlock, in addition to continuously leading in the building block business, has invested a huge amount of resources in developing a strong process chemistry team and capabilities including process technologies, such as flow chemistry, biocatalysis, fluorination, etc. Among the almost 1000 projects of kilo-scale and above that we completed in 2017, many of these new technologies were put into use. 

What do you think gear up the growth of the company and engage PharmaBlock to keep optimizing the business model?

Dr. Haijun Dong:

Business model evolves for many reasons. The essential drive is from clients’ need. Over the past years, we have witnessed a number of projects adopting our building blocks being carried out step by step, from early stages of discovery to preclinical and clinical research, and to commercial manufacturing. We consider ourselves an indispensable partner to our customers’ projects rather than merely a provider of one or more products. With this philosophy in mind, we always think in the way that our clients do and tackle their challenges with their own team in terms of technology development, analytical methods validation, stability test, EHS, IP protection, and regulations, etc.  When these happen, our business model evolves naturally. 

Additionally, PharmaBlock got listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange last November, which enables us to develop in the coming years on an even greater platform.

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