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PharmaBlock Established USA Headquarters in Pennsylvania to Expand Inventory, Customer Service and Lab Functions


On January 1st, 2018, PharmaBlock Sciences (Nanjing), Inc., a leading innovative chemistry products and services provider throughout the pharmaceutical R&D process, established its USA headquarters in Pennsylvania. The new facility increases warehouse and laboratory space in the United States, aiming to provide more efficient and timely service to its USA and international pharmaceuticals and biotechs. 

Tracing back to 2012, PharmaBlock, as a leading building blocks supplier based in China, opened its first USA facility in the Bay Area of California. With its fast growing business around the world, the company is seeking to expand functions of inventory, business development, custom service and laboratory in the United States. In addition to the new warehouse and custom service center currently in use to stock and sell compounds designed and synthesized by PharmaBlock Nanjing site, several synthetic labs, including one GMP kilo-lab are under construction and will be completed in early 2018 as planned. Currently, California Site is still in operation as a customer service center in West Coast Area, alongside with the Pennsylvania customer service center.

“PharmaBlock has been well-known for its outstanding capabilities in design and synthesis of novel building blocks. Expanding our inventory and custom service center in United States will help clients easily and quickly access to the products and services they need. Building labs, especially GMP kilo-lab will attract talents in the United States, encourage the exchange in technologies and innovation, and open more opportunities for early clinical GMP projects.” Said Dr. Jing Li, President of PharmaBlock USA.

Early last November, company management disclosed the plan of expanding the USA site, when PharmaBlock completed IPO on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in China. The company raised 208 million CNY (~USD 31.33 million) by issuing 18.33 million shares. In addition to expanding the USA site, the funds are reinvested in continually developing capabilities in discovery chemistry, process chemistry and manufacturing of key intermediates and RSMs.

Officially operated in 2008, PharmaBlock has another two main facilities around the world. Its global headquarters is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province in China, with 80,730 sq ft lab space focusing on the design, synthesis, and supply of lab scale building blocks, and process R&D of key intermediates and RSMs. Its manufacturing site sits at Dezhou, Shandong Province in China, with 807,000 sq ft space for pilot plant and manufacturing of key intermediates and RSMs. 

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