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【2017 CPhI China Invitation】From Lab to Commercial: Your Partner for All Stages of Drug Development


PharmaBlock (www.pharmablock.com) will attend CPhI China 2017 to be held in Shanghai during June 20-22. 

Our booth number is E2A56. On the first day of the show, we will give a presentation with Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc. to share our success story on how to scale up together, from research to development to commercial

We look forward to meeting you at the show and welcome to attend our presentation at the CRO/CMO seminar.

2017 CPhI China

Booth:E2A56 (Floorplan)

Address: Shanghai New International Exhibition Center (SNIEC)

Date: June 20-22 

Visitor registration:

https://registration.n200.com/survey/0yk1x0p2m45th?cid=web_CN_hm_bt_vreg_2017(CPhI authorized channel)

https://jinshuju.net/f/QKaLOl (VIP visitor pass, authorized by CPhI)

To schedule a meeting with us, please contact:



From Research to Development to Commercial

-a Success Story on How to Scale Up Together

Seminar agenda: http://www.cphi-china.cn/icse/2017event/E1

Seminar registration: https://jinshuju.net/f/TCUqvg

Preview of PharmaBlock & Agios presentation: http://promotion.pharmablock.com/pdf/Preview of PharmaBlock Presentation at CPhI China.pdf


1.   What topics you will share with us on 2017 CPhI CRO & CMO Forum?

Wendy: We plan to present the audience with a success story that showcases how Agios and PharmaBlock worked seamlessly in past 4 years and together supported an incredible development milestone- from first in human to NDA in less than 4 years. We will share the topic including but not limited to 1) selection criteria for commercial production suppliers (key and regulated starting material) 2) Why we chose to establish a commercial supply agreement


Haijun: From PharmaBlock’s end, we have gained reputation for our outstanding capability in the design, synthesis, and supply of lab scale building block. This time we would like to share with audience how we extend and prove our capabilities from lab-scale to manufacturing through the partnership.

2.   How did Agios and PharmaBlock form the partnership from the beginning?

Wendy: Although the initial contact happened between two companies was rather random. I t was the strong research capability from both sides contributed to a solid relationship. The development projects started at the very early stage of discovery, mostly on building blocks.

How the partnership helps both sides to grow?

Wendy: Agios and PharmaBlock are at pivotal times within their company’s growth. By partnering with an emerging CMO, both companies are on the same path moving their respective company forward to a progressive future. As Agios target compound moves from discovery to development and now commercial stage. Both companies are fully aligned in terms of business goals and capabilities. We are ready for the challenges ahead.


Haijun: We have learned a lot from the partnership, which drives us to grow and take more challenges, in terms of technology development, operational standardization and even business model optimization etc. We are also grateful that Agios always shares with us their experiences and good practices as the company grows.

What are advantages to develop drug on both sides of Pacific Ocean? And what are challenges? How to manage these challenges?

Chris: Cross-ocean collaboration brings up many advantages including cost savings both on capital and expenditure, as well as easy access to large local talent pool. Agios outsourcing business model demands partnering with CMOs such as PharmaBlock.


Meanwhile, we are also facing some challenges as a sponsor working with a CMO across the globe. Giving the size of Agios, managing external CMOs with limited internal resources is a burden. We have to deal with additional contracts, purchase orders, invoices, ETC. Distance, time constraints and language barriers also bring us additional premium cost travel, export/imports and tax burdens, as well as risks during transit of high value shipments across the globe.


To overcome these challenges and mitigate risks, we find proactive planning, vigorous business justification and strengthen communication with transparency are vital to our success.


Haijun: It is our honor to be a part of life-saving drug R&D projects and witness every milestone they have achieved along the way. As an emerging CMO, we are encountering some challenges such as: policies/regulations gap between China and regulated market; higher request on QA, IP protection and IP strategy; and language/culture barriers. To tackle these challenges, we have implemented a local business development infrastructure close to our client’s base, and built up a strong international team to maintain compliance.

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