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PharmaBlock Awarded the “2016 Novartis Lab Category Preferred Vendor”


PharmaBlock announced this April that it has been awarded the “2016 Novartis Lab Category Preferred Vendor”. Novartis is a global healthcare company focusing on the development of innovative medicines addressing a range of therapeutic areas, including: cardio metabolic, respiratory, immunology and neuroscience, retina, and oncology etc. As one of its preferred vendors, PharmaBlock will help Novartis advance the drug discovery process by providing lab scale building blocks for preclinical and clinical studies, and all the way to pilot plant and commercial manufacturing of key intermediates and APIs.


PharmaBlock has partnered with over 80% of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, and hundreds of small to medium-sized biotechs around the world. With the expansion of its businesses, the company is committed to providing a more comprehensive and long-term service to valued customers.

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