2017年5月16日至18日新萄京娱乐科技PharmaBlock美国商务拓展团队参加了在费城举办的世界制药原料北美展暨美国国际精细化工展览会(CPhI North America & InformEx)。今年是CPhI在美国的首秀,主办地费城是全球医药行业最发达的城市之一,周边汇聚了超过3000家世界领先的制药公司、生物技术企业和研发机构,为这次展会带来了更多新的机遇。

CPhI NA举办期间,由C&EN (美国化学会旗下《化学与工程新闻》杂志) 出版的会刊Show Daily专门对新萄京娱乐科技进行了报道刊登了有关新萄京娱乐科技与全球顶尖研发型制药企业Agios Pharmaceutical Inc. 签订商业化供应合作协议的消息


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PharmaBlock Inks New Commercial Supply Agreement with Agios

PharmaBlock Sciences (Nanjing), Inc., a leading innovative chemistry products and services provider throughout the pharmaceutical R&D process, has entered a new Commercial Supply Agreement for Drug Substance Starting Materials with Agios Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts, a leader in the fields of cancer metabolism and rare genetic disorders of metabolism, as part of the commercial launch readiness.


Under this agreement, PharmaBlock will continuously provide Agios with drug substance starting materials and intermediates for commercial production.


PharmaBlock and Agios have been involved in a long-term collaboration, from synthesis of lab-scale building blocks to bulk manufacturing of RSMs, as Agios’ drug R&D project moves on to later development stages. “We are pleased to have PharmaBlock as our strategic partner.  With their capabilities in medicinal synthesis, process R&D, and manufacturing, we have collaborated from research to development to commercial.” said Ms. Wendy Xia, Director of Commercial Supplies at Agios, “It is an exciting story that we both experience the ‘scale-up’ together, and enter this commercial partnership eventually.”


"The Commercial Supply Agreement further strengthens our already productive relationship with Agios, one of our most valued customers for many years. It is our honor to be a part of Agios’ life-saving drug R&D projects and witness every milestone they have achieved along the way. We will continue to deliver our firm commitment to quality and custom satisfaction.” said Dr. Haijun Dong, Chief Executive Officer of PharmaBlock. 

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